Yamaha Stage Custom 10/12/16/22

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Stage Custom 10/12/16/22:
Yamaha Stage Custom 10/12/16/22

This is the perfect players kit, or great sounding practice kit. Ì´Ì_The toms are from a different kit, but all the shells on the toms, and kick are birch. Ì´Ì_The toms have a very nice attack, and good warmth. Ì´Ì_The kick drum has a solid punch, and the shallow depth is nice for saving space as well. Ì´Ì_The tom arms that go into the Iso hoops are pearl, but work good. Ì´Ì_Floor toms legs have a squeak sound to them, but still function good. Ì´Ì_The are scratches, and scuffs here and there, but the finish is still in overall good condition. Ì´Ì_Previous hoops had cracks, so we used these metal hoops. Ì´Ì_Interior batter side hoop has rust, but still work good. Ì´Ì_ The toms are fitted with new Evans G2 clear heads, and the kick has an E-mad.

10" x 8" & 12" x 9" rack toms
16" x 16" floor tom
22" x 14" kick
14" x 6" snare