Yamaha PCY100 Electronic Cymbal Trigger Pad

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With the Yamaha PCY100 10" cymbal pad, realistic playability is the name of the game. Three separate zones - an edge zone, bow zone, and cup zone - enable you to re-create all of the nuances you get when you hit different parts of an acoustic cymbal. The PCY100 also responds faithfully to subtle dynamics during your drum performance. Whether you're playing delicately, striking powerfully, or performing chokes, this cymbal pad delivers the realism you demand. Your sticks even bounce as you'd expect them to, so the PCY100 feels natural - even if you're used to acoustic drums. The Yamaha PCY100 10" cymbal pad works with most DTX-series electronic drum kits.

Yamaha PCY100 10" Cymbal Pad Features:

  • 10" cymbal pad for DTX-series electronic drums
  • 3 separate zones (edge, bow, and cup) provide realistic playability
  • Responds accurately to subtle differences in dynamics, including choking
  • Can also be used as a hi-hat pad by switching off the cup switch