Vintage 13" Zanchi F&F Vibra Hi-Hats

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Vintage 13" Zanchi F&F Vibra Hi-Hats are Italian made cymbals which started their craft by Italian cymbal-maker, Fiorello Zanchi in 1947. Perhaps Fiorello Zanchi's biggest contribution to cymbal-making history was his development of the "rotocasting" technique, in which molten bronze is poured into a cymbal cast that is mounted on a centrifuge, and rotated as the liquefied metal is being cooled inside the cast. This new technique created a brand new sound in Italian cymbals, much brighter than the previous Zankis. 

These hi-hats offer a dryer "chick" with a smooth wash at medium volume. Very good condition with smooth edges, no cracks or key holing. 

Top: 650g
Bottom: 700g