TreeWorks Tre35 Classic Chime w/ Bag & Clamp

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$202 Retail - Lightly used, in very good condition

Tre44 Studio Chime

TreeWorks' most popular and best-selling model, the full size Tre35 single row. 

For live performance where your sound requires greater strength and resonance; Classic Chimes utilize our T-6 tempered, custom aluminum/ titanium alloy bars. (.375" diameter)

Tre52 Chime Mounting Bracket

This quality chime mounting bracket / clamp is designed to be used with all TreeWorks Chimes as well as other manufactures' chimes

Tre51 Hard-sided Gig Bag

This new chime case has thick, 1/2 inch, foam on both sides plus the added protection of hard ABS plastic. There is a giant #10 zipper on three sides. Inside there are two straps that secure the chime by the Mantle allowing the chimes to hang naturally when the case is carried by the molded handle. Inside usable space, 25 1/2" x 9 1/2".