Taye TourPro Autumn Lacquer 12/16/24

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This shell pack mixes the right woods to harness the best of both worlds. For the TourPro, Taye started with basswood, which was an integral component in the sound of those revered drums of forties through the sixties. A softer wood than maple, its open grain structure diffuses the sound somewhat, warming it. Then Taye add birch, a wood with maple-like density, to the formula. What basswood spreads out, birch tightens up. The result is centered attack with a pronounced roundness and complex overtones--very much a vintage vibe. It's a sound some say was lost, and is now reclaimed in the Taye TourPro series, which are finished using the same lacquering process as Taye's StudioMaple. Taye's TourPro 8-ply 7mm EFS custom birch/basswood shells, Taye's patented UB105 tom mount, the BC100 articulated bass drum claw, and their Slidetrack tom holder system offer an easy to set up and move around design. Memory locks on the Floor Tom legs, bass drum spurs and rack tom mount included. The rack tom has a couple cracks in the lacquer (see photo) but nothing damaging to the shell itself. These drums have a great punch with warm and consistent tones that make it a blast to play!



  • Custom premium birch-basswood
  • Warm and punchy sound, reminiscent of vintage drums
  • Autumn lacquer
  • SlideTrack bass drum tom mount
  • Rack tom SuspensionRings
  • PocketHinge Bracket
  • Articulated Claw Hook
  • 2.3 mm hoops are standard