Tama Speed Cobra Single Pedal HP910LS

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Tama's Speed Cobra HP910LS single pedal packs a lot of great features into one single pedal. It features a fast/long footboard, designed with a surface that reduces friction between the foot and the footboard. The recessed setting allows the footboard to feel lighter and it gives a faster response. The LiteSprocket is a true round-shaped LiteSprocket that weighs 40% less than its Iron Cobra counterparts. The Cobra Coil underneath the footboard helps return the footboard to its original position as quickly as possible. Other features includ the Fastball Bearing, dual-sided beawter, the fully adjustable Super Spring, and Oiles Bearing Hinge which virtually eliminates side-to-side motion. This pedal is in excellent condition and includes the original hardshell case!