Tama Rockstar Gloss Black 4-Pc. 12/13/16/22

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This Tama Rockstar 4-piece acoustic drum kit is in very good condition. This kit would make for a great practice or intermediate level kit. These drums have great resonance and attack! 

Each piece of hardware functions properly from the tom mounts down to the tension rods. The exterior has some surface scratches, but with the gloss black finish it's hard to tell. The chrome is shinny and in good shape on the lugs and hoops of each drum. The center rack tom mounts hold tightly and are easy to adjusts. The rack toms have memory locks. The floor tom legs all work great and are easy to adjust as well. 

Heads: The batter heads on the toms are Evans G2 Clears, and the resonant sides and bass drum have the original Tama heads. 


  • 10x12
  • 11x13
  • 16x16
  • 16x22