Tama Dyna-Sync Double Bass Drum Pedal

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TAMA HPDS1TW Dyna-Sync Bass Drum Pedal Features:

  • Developed with TAMA artists ranging from swing players to progressive metal drummers
  • Threefold Dynamic Synchronization System delivers a totally unique playing experience
  • Angled-aligned Optimized Transmission Design yields serious speed and power
  • Dual Linkage cam connections eliminate side-to-size play
  • Non-stepped Slidable Cams unlocks a highly personalized playing experience
  • Para-Clamp II Pro hoop clamp safely grabs onto bass hoops, even at odd angles
  • Packed with Cobra-series mainstays: Sync-Coil underside return spring, motion-maximizing swivel adjustment spring, and rocksteady Oiles bearing hinge
  • Adjustable footboard accommodates all styles of playing
  • Conical Dyna-Beaters strike the batter head evenly to reduce false doubles