Suitcase Drum Samsonite Turquoise

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Suitcase drums have become a cool and quick way to bring a drum set just about anywhere. The suitcase drum set idea starts with fabricating a single drum shell cut to size within the body of a suit case. A plate is added on the bottom of the suitcase for a kick pedal to attach. This Samsonite suitcase drum is fabricated with two spurs as feet and an adjustable cymbal arm. A kick port hole was added along with an Evans blue Hydraulic head to give the drum some extra sub frequencies. The sound this suitcase drum gives off can be described as punchy, controlled, and short. Add a cymbal, snare drum, and hi-hats and you got yourself a suitcase drum kit. The suitcase opens up and all of your hardware can fit within the suitcase, making this idea a grab and go to the next gig. You can see these drums in subways, street corners, or any small venue. 


  • Samsonite Brand Suitcase 
  • 12" Drum 
  • Kick Pedal Plate for Pedal Mounting 
  • 2 Spurs (feet)
  • Adjustable Cymbal Arm 
  • Added Kick Port for Sub Frequencies 
  • Hardware Fits Inside 
  • Rough Dimensions: 21x18x9"