Sonor 2000 Series LT Lightweight 5-Piece Hardware Pack HS-LT-2000

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The HS-LT-2000 Hardware Pack from Sonor is designed for a drummer who needs lightweight hardware that's easy to transport. All the hardware is sturdy but light, making it ideal for a gigging drummer who needs their hardware to be easily mobile.


  • Lightweight Single-Braced Hardware
  • Responsive, Chain-Drive Pedals
  • Everything You Need, All in One Place
  • Comes with Bass Pedal, Hi Hat Stand, Snare Stand
  • Two Cymbal Boom Stands

This pack includes:

  • HH LT 2000 Hi-Hat Stand
  • SS LT 2000 Snare Drum Stand
  • 2x MBS LT V2 Mini Boom Stand
  • SP 2000 Single Bass Drum Pedal