Slingerland Niles Badge Silver Sparkle 14/18/24

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This Slingerland Niles Badge Silver Sparkle 3-piece kit is a beast! This kit sports the one up, one down configuration with a monster 24" kick drum, perfect for big band jazz or rock music. This kit has the Niles, IL Slingerland Badge which dates 70s through early 80s. The shells are solid and the reinforcement rings are intact on each drum. The silver sparkle wrap has faded slightly, but looks good besides a few nicks here and there. The seams are intact. The chrome hardware is in working condition all the around each drum and looks good. The mufflers adjust, the tension rods and lugs hold their tuning, and the legs and spurs work well. The bass drum spur mounts have been upgraded to brand new Gibraltar mounts. The original Slingerland spurs fit snug in the new mounts and give you the old school look with great stability. These drums have been fully disassembled, cleaned and polished, and put back together with the up most care to ensure you're getting a well treated vintage Slingerland Niles Badge 3-piece kit. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our shop! 


  • Slingerland Niles, IL Badge
  • 3-Piece Configuration 
  • Silver Sparkle Finish 
  • Chrome Hardware 
  • Solid Shells
  • Big Band/Rock Sizes


  • 10x14
  • 16x18
  • 14x24