Slingerland Buddy Rich Kit 13/16/16/24

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You don't find many of these! This Buddy Rich signature kit has seen more bars and dance floors than most kits have and it has the patina to prove it- the yellowed white marine pearl is still striking and ready to light up many more stages as your new player kit! 

We are not going to lie- this kit has a few bumps and bruises but is still solid and sounds and looks great. The shells have a few interior stress cracks. Two bass drum spur mounts are missing. One bass drum hoop is off of another Slingerland kit. Internal mufflers are missing. Some wing nuts do not match/not original. Overall the seams are tight and the outer wrap only has a few cracks. The color is pretty consistent from drum to drum.  Call us for a more detailed discussion if needed! 

Here is your chance to own a piece of drumming history and not be afraid to use it at your corner tavern! It's almost as surly and yellowed as Buddy himself!