Slingerland 1964 Jet Outfit 20N 12/14/18

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Slingerland 1964 Jet Outfit 20N 3-piece drum set in a jazz/be-bop configuration. This Slingerland Jet kit features chrome hoops on the 18" bass drum, brass and black badges, and a gloss black wrap. This kit was re-wrapped in a gloss black wrap. The 12" tom has holes where the previous tom mount was. The holes are visible from the interior, and are covered up by the wrap on the exterior. The hoops and lugs are in very good condition. The floor tom legs' spring-loaded height adjustments work well, and the mufflers on the 12" and 14" are fluid. The interiors on each drum look great, and the inner plys are intact. The bass drum has some foam glued to the inner ply. This Slingerland 1964 Jet Outfit 20N is in very good condition overall! Play it, show it, or re-wrap it in your favorite finish! Feel free to contact our shop with any questions! 


The snare stand is NOT included.