Sakae Almighty Birch 10/12/16/22 DEMO

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Sakae Almighty Birch 10/12/16/22 DEMO

Sakae has been building high-quality, all-Japanese Birch drum kits for many years. Now for 2014, they are bringing a Birch option to their popular Almighty Maple series. The legendary Birch sound, with a staggered ply construction, has been a top studio choice for years. The Sakae Almighty Birch series features 8-ply bass drum shells (7-ply floor tom; 6-ply tom tom) that are carefully crafted for a minimal seam. This kit is a demo model for our store. With an unbeatable price for a new Sakae kit, this Almighty birch is stunning. 

Dimensions:  10x7, 12x8, 16x14, 22x18"