Roland TD-11 V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set with MDS-4V Stand

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The TD-11 V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set with MDS-4V Stand by Roland is an affordable, mid-level drum kit ideal for drummers of all skill levels. The sounds are based on the same SuperNATURAL sound technology and behavior modeling used in Roland’s flagship kits and is an ideal kit for practice, teaching, recording, live performance and more. This Roland TD-11 is in mint condition and comes with original manuals, an extra 1/4" cable, and the power adapter. 

Roland TD-11 Features:

  • 50 Drum Kits and 190 Instruments
  • 10 Ambience Effects and Built-in EQ
  • SuperNATURAL Sound and Behavior Modeling
  • Dual-triggering Technology
  • USB Port for Memory & Connectivity

What's Included:

  • TD-11 Drum Sound Module
  • 3 CY Series Cymbals (2) CY-8 Crash/Ride, (1) CY-5 Hi Hat
  • 1 PDX-8 V-Drum Mesh Snare Dual Trigger Snare 
  • 3 PD-8A Rubber Dual Trigger Tom Pads
  • KD-9 Kick Pad with Double Pedal Support
  • FD-8 Hi Hat Control Pedal 
  • MDS-4V Drum Rack & Hardware
  • Original Manuals
  • (1) Extra 1/4" Cable 
  • Power Adapter 
  • Full Wire Harness