Rogers Power Tone Black 3-Piece 12/16/22

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Vintage Rogers Power Tone 3-piece kit in gloss black with the Rogers Script Logo. This 3-piece Rogers kit sounds as good as it looks! The shells are 3-ply maple/birch/maple giving a classic maple sound with a little breathing room from the middle birch ply. Each drum sounds fantastic. The 12" rack tom is configured with 6 lugs, a muffler, and the Rogers colette mount. The two Rogers script logos on the 12" rack tom are intact and sit flush giving a really cool look to the gloss black finish. The 16" floor tom is configured with 8-lugs, a muffler, and 3 upgraded Sonor legs letting this floor tom sing. The 22" bass drum is configured with 10-lugs, 2 spurs (which have an extra hole drilled where the mounts fit-see photos), and a tom mount on top. Three of the bass drum claws are not original, but work well. The exterior wrap on each drum has intact seams, and there is a few scuffs and scratches all around the kit. The interiors of each drum are excellent! Each drum has the same era of interior sticker indicating these 3 drums came from Rogers' Fullerton, CA shop. The reinforcement rings are in excellent shape, along with the interior hardware and bearing edges. These drums are a cool piece of Rogers history and still deliver that 3-ply maple/birch/maple sound with excellence! If you have any questions about this kit, feel free to contact our shop!  


Snare stand NOT included.