Rogers Dyna-Sonic Black Diamond Pearl 6.5x14

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Rogers USA returns to the drum market with the re-release of the Dyna-Sonic snare drum. This instrument is a dead ringer for early wood Dyna-Sonics of 1960s — the same model preferred by Buddy Rich for years. It features a re-ringed wood shell, Bread & Butter lugs, a patented snare rail, and Clockface throw off. A vintage-styled Black Pearl wrap completes the look. Loose to tight, the Dyna-Sonic boasts a wide tuning range and incredible sensitivity thanks to a unique snare rail mechanism. Built in the USA.

Dyna-Sonic snare rail

One of the Dyna-Sonic's claims to fame is its patented snare rail: an adjustable metal holster with internal snare wires. Unlike other snare drums, which draw the snare wires up against the bottom head as you tighten, the Dyna-Sonic has independent controls for snare tension and height. Adjust the snare rail so it just kisses the bottom head, then tension your snare wires to taste. This gives you the snare sensitivity you need without choking the head — one of the many reasons why drummers today swear by the Rogers Dyna-Sonic snare drum.

All the vibe of the original

Veteran and nostalgic players will love the modern Dyna-Sonic's authentic visuals and features. The Rogers serial badge, script logo, and aged wrap give it a great retro look, while the unique snare mechanism, wood shell, and flanged hoops give it that authentic Dyna-Sonic tone and playing experience.

Rogers USA Dyna-Sonic 14" Wood Snare Drum Features:

  • A dead ringer for the early '60s Dyna-Sonic snare
  • Buddy Rich's snare of choice for years
  • Vintage-styled Black Pearl wrap
  • Iconic Bread & Butter lugs and Clockface throw off
  • Dry, soulful wood shell with reinforcement rings
  • Flanged hoops reveal an open, classic attack
  • Wide tuning range
  • Adjustable snare rail maximizes snare sensitivity without choking the bottom head
  • Built in the USA
  • Size: 6.5" x 14"

Tech Specs

  • Type:Snare 
  • Shell (Depth x Diameter):6.5" x 14" 
  • Shell Construction:5-ply 
  • Shell Material:Maple/Poplar 
  • Hoops:1.6mm, Triple-flanged 
  • Color:Black Pearl 
  • Finish:Wrap 
  • Manufacturer Part Number:33BDP