Rogers Big R White 6-Piece Drum Set

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Rogers Big R White 6-piece drum kit. This kit is sold as is. Overall in fair condition. The shells are solid, but the exterior of each drum has its flaws. This kit is configured with a 8x12" tom, 9x13" tom, 10x14" tom, 12x15" tom, 16x18" floor tom, & 14x22" bass drum. The bass drum tom mount uses two arms with multiple angle adjustments for two rack toms. The 12" and 13" tom are configured as 6-lug drums, the 14", 15", and 18" drums are configured as 8-lugs, and the bass drum is a 10-lug configuration. These drums are perfect for someone who wants multiple sized drums for multiple set up configurations. The hardware and every drum works. The is cracks in the wrap on a few drums, and scuffs and scratches on every drum. The seams are intact, but are lifted a little. Each drum except the floor tom has a Big R sticker badge. This kit is an inexpensive project kit that is great for someone looking for a wide range of set up options.