Pearl President 1969 3-Piece Outfit 13/16/20

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Pearl President 1969 3-Piece Outfit 13/16/20

The President Series by Pearl was a unique series of drums created for professional drummers in the 1960s. The shells are made of a unique plastic fiber that deliver outstanding durability, a brilliant tone, uniform thickness, water resistant, and non-warping circular aspects like no other drum kit of its time. This Pearl President Outfit was originally wrapped in the finish of the 13" rack tom. The wrap Pearl used on these outfits was very fragile and commonly cracked. The 20" bass drum and 16" floor tom have been professionally rewrapped in a Satin Pearl White finish that looks outstanding with the original finish tied in by the 13" rack tom and bass drum hoops. 

The hardware on each drum is fully functional, and the drums come with lightly used Evans heads.

  • Toms: Batter - Clear G2, Reso - Clear Genera Reso.
  • Bass Drum: Batter - EQ1 Batter Clear, Reso - Smooth White w/ Original Logo 

A few Features Listed in Pearl President Drums Catalog:

  • Metal Bass Drum Hoops
  • Triple-Flanged Tom Hoops
  • Free Adjustable Tom Mount
  • Adjustable Floor Tom Legs
  • Adjustable Bass Drum Spurs
  • Cymbal Mount on Bass Drum 


  • 9x13
  • 16x16
  • 14x20

The only thing missing is a badge for the floor tom, otherwise this kit is in EXCELLENT VINTAGE CONDITION. The shells are round, the lugs/claws/mounts/and hoops have normal wear and tear but shine bright, and the professional rewrap is brand new. We do our best to be 100% transparent with out listings, so if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call!