Pearl PMTM 8/10/12/14 Championship Maple Marching Quads Tenors

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  • 6-Ply 100% Maple Shells
  • Fully-Rounded Bearing Edges
  • 6mm Case-Hardened Tension Bolts
  • Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Lugs
  • 8-Lug 12" and 13" Drums
  • Reinforcement Hoops on All Drums
  • Pearl MTS-3000 Marching Tenor Stand and Tenor Mallets Included! 
  • Excellent Condition with the exception of a few dings. 


Pearl PMTM Championship Maple Marching Tenors are specifically designed to blend well with FFX snare drums, made with 6-ply 100% maple shells that provide a rich, naturally EQ-balanced sound. The full sonic-cut depth and shape of the shells help project each note to the box. Fully-rounded bearing edges can withstand the extraordinarily high tensions that these drums undergo, held in place by 2.3mm Superhoop II hoops, 6mm case-hardened tension bolts, and lightweight aluminum alloy tension casings. The 12" and 13" drums on this set of tenors feature 8 lugs instead of 6, giving you a greater amount of control over the tuning. This 4-drum configuration is great for middle school and high school programs that demand corps-style writing. The small sizes of the drums keep them light enough for younger or smaller players.