Pearl Export Series 4-Piece Shell Pack 22/10/14/14

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Pearl Export Series 4-Piece Shell Pack 22/10/14/14

This Pearl Export Series 4-Piece shell pack comes in a beautiful Amber Lacquer with chrome accented hardware. Equipped with Pearls Optimount and I.S.S. mounts, the 10" and 14" toms have the option to free float delivering excellent resonance and great stability. The toms come with triple-flanged hoops, 6-lug configuration (10") & 6-lug configuration (14"), and used clear heads. The bass drum features dual tom mounts, adjustable spurs, and matching lacquered hoops. Bass drum comes a with black Pearl resonant head, and an Evans EQ4 Frosted on the batter side. The 5.5x14" snare drum matches the rest of the kit, and uses an adjustable Pearl snare throw off for the perfect amount of snare! 

These drums offer great sound at an inexpensive price. Tune low for punchy rock sounds, or tune high for bop style jazzy beats. 

The 14" suspended floor tom and bass drum have scuffs and dings around the exterior (see photos for reference). The 10" tom looks great, with minor scuffs. These drums would make for a great beginner set, basement/garage practice set, or a great gigging set!  


  • 22" Bass Drum, 10" Rack Tom, 14" Suspended Floor Tom, & 5.5x14" matching Snare Drum  
  • 2 - Pearl Unilock system L arms for mounting the toms 
  • 1 - Pearl Optimount System on board the 10" Tom
  • 1 - Pearl I.S.S. Mount on board the 14" Suspended Floor Tom
  • Used clear tom heads
  • Used Coated and resonant snare heads
  • Evans EQ4 Frosted bass drum batter head, black Pearl resonant head


  • 8x10"
  • 12x14"
  • 16x22"
  • 5.5x14"

Additional floor tom stand with feet is NOT included