Pearl Decade Maple Satin Black Burst Gong Drum 14x20

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Decade’s 6-ply/5.4mm all Maple shell is what sets it apart from the other players in the field. The final product of ten years of process and material refinement, each cross-laminated ply incorporates Pearl’s proprietary Superior Shell Technology. The resulting thin (but powerfully strong) shell reacts quickly to the stroke, producing beautifully resonant highs and thundering lows.

The 20x14 single headed gong drums are mounted by BT300 Tom Mounts located on each side of the drum with Pearl Uni-lock System arms (2) and Pearl ADP-20 Clamps (2) included. Any Pearl Tom Holder or accessory (like a UX-80 Universal Adapter) with a 7/8 post can be used to mount the drum. Fit with a Remo/Pearl UT clear head and finished in Satin Black Burst.

Gong Drums are exceptionally perfect for live and in the studio when you need the next dimension of low end after your floor toms. Split intricate patterns between the bass drum and gong drum or use it sparingly for that massive explosion at the end of a musical phrase. Excellent condition. There are a few scuffs on the hoop that have been painted over with paint. 

*Boom stands not included*