Natal Arcadia Red Sparkle 4-Pc. 13/16/24/14

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The Natal Arcadia series features a 6-ply poplar shell with Natal round lugs, triple-flagend tom and snare hoops, dual ball-joint center tom mount, and chrome hardware all around. The bass drum features 10 lugs a side with matching hoops, tight-grip claws, and adjustable spurs with rubber and spiked feet which will keep the bass drum from sliding. The 13" rack tom mounts right above the bass drum giving you a one up one down configuration, which allows for variety of cymbal placement. The 16" floor tom sets up easily with 3 adjustable legs. The snare drum features a hairline gray/black finish, 6.5" deep, and 8 lugs a side allowing you to crack it up tight or drown it down low. The red sparkle finish looks great around the exterior. The toms are equipped with clear Aquarian Studio-X batter side heads, the snare drum has a coated Aquarian High Energy batter, and the bass drum comes with an Aquarian Super Kick II. These drums sound big and warm and make for a great rock/fusion/country kit at an affordable price!


  • 6-Ply Poplar Shells
  • Aquarian Heads
  • Dual Ball-Joint Tom Mount
  • Red Sparkle Finish
  • Versatile Sizes