Nashville Drum Doctors 5-Piece Green Sparkle 10/12/15/18/13

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This drum kit was handmade by the Nashville Drum Doctors and features Keller maple shells. The configuration is the coolest feature of this kit. From the 18" bass drum that's 24" deep, to the 4x13" piccolo snare drum, this kit has a canon with a firecracker. The hardware is light-weight and durable. The toms offer a wide range of tuning for just about any style of playing. The green sparkle finish is the icing on the cake. This Nashville Drum Doctors kit is by far one of the coolest kits we have had in our shop! 


  • 5-Piece Configuration 
  • Virgin Bass Drum 
  • Green Sparkle Finish
  • Slingerland Hoops
  • ISO Style Tom mounting system (allows for full sound projection) 
  • 10.5mm tom mounts
  • Wood bass drum hoops
  • Wood Snare Hoops


  • 8x10
  • 9x12
  • 11x15
  • 24x18
  • 4x13