Ludwig WFL Gold Sparkle 15" Marching Snare Drum

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Ludwig WFL Gold Sparkle 15" Marching Snare Drum. This drum is fitted with 8 nickel lugs, tipple flanged nickel hoops, the original harness hoop attachment, and an upgraded P-85 snare strainer. The nickel hardware and tension rods are in working condition and seat the heads flush. The P-85 snare strainer and butt plate are in excellent condition, along with the 20 strand snare wires that give a great snap to this marching snare drum. Fitted with a Ludwig Weather Master snare side head & a Remo Ambassador coated on the batter side. The interior looks great and the reinforcement rings are in good shape!


  • WFL Keystone Badge 
  • Nickel Lugs and Hoops
  • Original Harness Mount 
  • P-85 Snare Strainer 
  • 12x15"