Ludwig Club Date Blue Sparkle 12/14/20/14

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This Ludwig Club Date in blue sparkle is a gem for it's age. It comes with Aquarian Medium Vintage batter heads and brand new clear resonant heads on the resonant side of the toms. The snare drum comes with an Aquarian coated batter head and Remo resonant head. The bass drum comes with an Evans Emad, and EQ3 coated resonant head. The blue sparkle wrap is in good condition with in-tact seems and only a few nicks and scratches. The rack tom has a couple nicks near the mounting system. The badges are flat and untouched without any lifted corners and look rich in color. The lugs have some minor pitting as to be expected, but shine well with our in-depth cleaning techniques. The toms and snare drum hoops are in good condition with some signs age. All of the moving hardware on this kit is in great working condition and performs as it should. One of the floor tom legs tends to slip, so a memory lock was put in place to hold the tom's height. The bass drum hoops have some chips in the paint, but show no cracks. The interiors are in good condition. The snare drum is the one drum where the paint is starting to strip in the interior. The bearing edges are in-tact. This kit would be classified as very good condition with minor cosmetic blemishes.