Ludwig Classic Maple Bun E. Carlos Signed Champagne Sparkle 3-Pc. 13/16/26

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Authenticated and signed by Mr. Bun E. Carlos himself- here is an incredible kit used and toured with by Bun E. from 1990 thru 1991!  A Ludwig Maple Classic in Champagne Sparkle with a 26 x 14 kick, 13 x 9 rack tom. and 16 x 16 floor tom. Each drum has been signed (see photographs). Condition is excellent with only light wear-and-tear that shows the pride and careful use that Bun E. has taken with these and all of his drums. Buy them to play, show, or collect- here is your chance to own a piece of true rock-n-roll history from one of the greatest drummers and bands ever!

As quoted from Bun E.: "Over the past 3 decades I've assembled a huge collection of Ludwig drum sets and snares in every finish I could find, including drums I've played during my 40+ years as a member of Cheap Trick.

Almost every drum is in excellent condition. Many are the best, or close to the best known example of a particular model, in fact some are mint and still in their original cases. The collection has grown to the point that its overflowing the barn where I keep it all displayed.

The focus of my collection has shifted. I've decided I don't need one of every finish ever made. I'm going to keep about half the collection and am letting the other half go. I want somebody else to enjoy these drums as much as I have and I want to make room for whatever drums that are coming my way in the future".


Tom stand shown is not included. The original tom-iso mount (photographed) will be included.