Ludwig 1978 Coliseum C.O.W. 12 Lug 8x14 Snare Drum

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This Ludwig Coliseum dates 1978 according to Reverb's Ludwig Dating guide. This drum tunes great and delivers a sound like no other being that it is 8" deep and made of hardwood. The badge is a rounded blue & olive with serial number 3037326. The Coliseum is a chrome wrap over a hardwood shell and this one is 8" deep by 14" in diameter. The 12 High Tension lugs are chrome and function well. The P-85 snare strainer and butt plate function smoothly and are original. The triple flanged hoops are chrome and have some rust spots. The lugs and wrap have scratches and pitting, but this is common on a vintage Ludwig snare drum. This drum cosmetically is in good condition, and structurally in very good condition.