Ludwig 1978 Black Diamond Pearl Concert Toms 10/12/13/14

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These Ludwig 1978 Black Diamond Pearl Concert Toms are in excellent vintage condition! From the Black Diamond Pearl finish to the smooth maple interior, these concert toms are something to brag about. The Ludwig Classic lugs look great and only have minute pitting and a few scratches. The threads are smooth and tune these drums well. The triple-fanged hoops seat nicely on the drums and are almost perfectly round. The Blue/Olive badges on each have serial numbers staring with 210XXXX which dates these drums all the way back to 1978.

The stands are functional and have their rubber finish savers, so you can play these drums without worrying about the finish getting scraped. The tom mounts slip nicely on to each stand as well.

We do our best to be 100% honest with any defect on our vintage drums, and we can confidently say these drums are in excellent vintage condition. There is a few scratches on the chrome lugs and hoops, but the finish, badges, bearing edges, and interiors look excellent. The tacked seams sit flush, and the resonant side bearing edge savers are intact as well.

Each drum comes with lightly used Remo Emperor clear heads.