Ludwig 1970s Patern-E Black/White Vistalite 4-Pc. 12/13/16/22

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This Ludwig Vistaltie from the 1970s features one of the coolest and rarest of finishes called Pattern-E, which features a black and white swirl of two acrylic pieces seamed together around each shell. The seams are intact without any cracks, and the bearing edges are excellent. The hardware features Ludwig classic lugs, triple-flanged hoops, and Ludwig's "hot-dog" style dual tom mount. Each piece of hardware including the floor tom legs, tom mounts, mufflers, and bass drum spurs are in very good working condition. The floor tom hoops have a bit of rust on the chrome. The badges sit flush and are in overall good condition; the bass drum badge has a few wrinkles but the corners lay flat. This kit is equipped with Evans G1 resonant and G2 batter clear heads on the toms and an Evans Emad on the 22" kick drum with a matching Ludwig silver dot resonant head! This kit has a few scuffs around the exterior but looks very good for its age. The interiors are excellent and this kit packs a sweet punch with an incredible stage presence! 


  • 1970s Ludwig Vistalite 
  • Pattern-E Black/White Swirl Finish 
  • Great Seams 
  • Shinny Chrome Hardware 
  • Solid Badges 
  • Evans Upgraded Heads All Around