Ludwig 1968 White Marine Pearl 3-pc. 13/14/20

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Here is the one that you have been waiting for. This is one of the nice ones- one of the rare finds that we seldom see.  Where do we start describing this beauty! First off- the finish is almost flawless. It is shiny, smooth, slippery, consistent in its color and fade/patina, and striking with the depth of colors that only comes from white-marine-pearl! The maple clear-finish interiors are clean with excellent bearing edges. The born on date in the bass drum says: Nov 8, 1968. The rail- mount is fabulous and holds the 13" tom beautifully. The 20" kick drum has beautiful inlays and the standard wear-and-tear on the hoops. The rare 14" floor tom is the crown jewel of this kit.  We can always tell when a kit has been well cared for and loved by its previous owner- this is one of those kits. 50 years old and is as magnificent as we have ever come across and we've had a lot of kits come through our doors. Spectacular!


  • Ludwig Keystone Badges 
  • White Marine Pearl Finish 
  • Ludwig Tom Rail Mount
  • Foldable Spurs 
  • Spin-nob Mufflers
  • Remo heads