Ludwig 1950s-90s Jellybean 3-Pc. 12/15/22

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This Ludwig Jellybean 3-piece kit comes from 1950s all the way up to the 90s. The Floor tom is a Ludwig 15" WFL gold sparkle marching snare drum, converted into a floor tom with 3 legs and mounts, and a triple-flanged chrome resonant side hoop. The lugs and batter side hoop are nickel and are in good functional condition (some tension rods are rusty).

Next in line is the 1960s Ludwig Keystone Badge blue sparkle 22" bass drum. This drum has 10 Ludwig Classic lugs on each side, with Ludwig spurs, the original tom mount, and a good looking blue sparkle finish with matching hoops. The interior is in white. The hardware looks and functions properly, and there is a few extra holes in the drum. This bass drum is in good condition. 

Last but not least is a Ludwig 12" Monroe badge pink champagne rack tom. This drum has 6 Ludwig high-tension lugs, a beautiful exterior and interior, including the bearing edges. This drum is in excellent condition. 

All three drums have solid shells that sound fantastic! The bass drum and floor tom have extra holes and are the oldest, so their condition is not as nice as the 12" rack tom. However, each piece is functional and the hardware is in good to very good condition overall. This kit would make for a really cool players kit that would give the crowd something to stare at! Feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns! 


  • 11x12
  • 12x15
  • 14x22