Ludwig 1930s Pioneer Brass 4x14

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The Pioneer model by Ludwig was introduced in 1928-40. The Pioneer came in 4x14, 5x14, 4x15 and 5x15" sizes, all featuring 8-lug construction. These drums were offered as metal or wood, and in this snare drum's case, brass. The Ludwig Pioneer circle badge dates 1930s with a single beed shell design, 8-lug tube lugs, claw-like tension rod holders and the vintage style hoops. Non-solid shell, with one seam. The snare wires and ties have been upgraded, along with a Remo Weather King Ambassador Snare head and Remo Ambassador Vintage Coated batter head. One lug has non-original mounting hardware, and a number of hoop clamps have been replaced. Interior has some discoloration in one spot. This snare drum is one of the coolest catalog models from the 1930s and is in good working condition.