Leedy Blue & Brass Badge WMP 9x13 Rack Tom

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This Leedy Blue & Brass badge 9x13" rack tom dates 1949-1950. This drum is finished in a White Marine Pearl wrap that has a good seam with a slight fade. The 12 chrome lugs, 6 a side, are in working condition, but 3 lugs have quite a bit of chrome flaking off and the rest have some pitting or slight chrome flaking. The claws work well and look cool on the single flanged hoops. The batter side hoop has a dent (see photo) but this drum still tunes up quite well. The rack tom mount works and is angled on purpose to feel smooth when playing. There are a few extra holes near the mount, which could have been from a different mount or a previous muffler. All in all this drum would be a fun players rack tom or a cool talking piece to add to your collection. If you have any questions regarding the condition, please feel free to give us a call!