Gretsch Renegade Gloss Black 5-Piece 10/12/16/22/14

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The Gretsch Renegade 5-piece drum kit is a great entry level to intermediate drum kit for beginners and students. The Renegade features a 9-ply poplar shell construction with 45 degree bearing edges that offer smooth tuning and consistent tone. The 10" & 12" rack toms are mounted off the bass drum by ball-joint mounts, which allow you to position the rack toms to your liking. Adjustable bass drum spurs, which keep the bass drum lifted and study on just about any surface. The bass drum hoops are metal and feature a matching inlay that looks sleek and keeps the heads flush for a resonant sound. This kit is finished in a gloss black wrap that looks killer! This Gretsch Renegade is in excellent condition and comes with Tama Power Craft II batter side heads on the toms and snare, and Gretsch stock resonant side heads on the toms, snare, and bass drum. Chucky Z also comes on the resonant side of the bass drum!