DW Jazz Series Cherry/Gum Wood Black Lacquer 13/16/22

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From straight-ahead Bop, to Big Band, Fusion, Latin, or even Hard Rock, DW Jazz Series™ drums provide a warm, tonal spectrum that is studio-friendly and perfectly suited for live applications. Inspired by the American drum sounds of the late 70’s and early 80’s, the Jazz Series shells feature a thick gumwood core that, in this cases, is combined with cherry inner and outer plies. At the heart of every DW Jazz Series™ shell is a thick 3-ply gum core. The soft, porous gumwood offers a warm, round, punchy sound that can be complemented by musical qualities cherry. And unlike Collector’s Series® or DW Classics™, DW Jazz Series™ drums don’t have reinforcement hoops, allowing for a more open, less focused sound. The toms are equipped with DW True Hoops, and chrome DW hardware. The 13" rack tom features a 6-lug configuration, the 16" floor tom features an 8-lug configuration, and the 22" bass drum features a 10-lug configuration. This kit is in excellent condition and sounds unbelievable. There is a few nicks on the bass drum finish (see photo), but its very minor. The snare stand is NOT included. 


  • DW Jazz Series 
  • Gum & Cherry Wood Shells
  • Chrome Hardware
  • DW True Hoops
  • Black Lacquer Finish 
  • 3-Piece Kit