ddrum Reflex Standard White 5-Piece Shell Pack 22/10/12/16/14

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The first tier in one of ddrum's most amazing series of drums. Reflex standard gives you access to the amazingly dark and tonally balanced sound of alder, within an easy to access package. A durable wrapped finish, combined with powder coated shell hardware. Available in a 5-piece configuration with select add-on drum sizes, allowing you to customize your dream set, without breaking the bank.

  • Wood Configuration - Alder Shells
  • Lug Type - Round Face Off
  • Hoop Spec - 2.3 MM Triple Flanged
  • 6 Ply Toms
  • 8 Ply Bass Drum
  • 8 Ply Snare Drum
  • 45 degree Bearing Edge
  • Suspension Mount Type - Fixt Pitch mounting system
  • Includes Tom Arm and Clamp for Mounted Toms 
  • Finish - White Wrap w/ White Hardware
  • Item ID: REFLEX WHT WHT 22 5 PC


  • 7x10 Rack tom
  • 8x12 Rack tom
  • 14x16 Floor tom
  • 18x22 Bass drum
  • 5.5x14 snare drum