Alesis Control Pad USB/Midi Percussion Controller

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Trigger sounds in software and sound modules.

The ControlPad is a compact performance instrument and drum-programming tool. The ControlPad is an eight-pad playing surface that you can connect to software via USB and hardware sound modules via MIDI. Play the sounds from virtually any MIDI software, drum module, synthesizer or keyboard workstation, or other MIDI instrument with your sticks. The ControlPad has responsive rubber pads for natural response, rebound, and low stick-on-pad noise. It is velocity sensitive so you can be as expressive as you like. Plus, you can expand the ControlPad with additional pads and triggers. It has two trigger inputs for drum and cymbal pads or acoustic drum triggers plus a kick input, a hi-hat control connection, and a footswitch input for controlling other parameters like changing kits with your foot. You can create up to 20 setups and store them in the ControlPad's memory. Advanced customizable programming capabilities include velocity sensitivity and curves, assignments, and more. The ControlPad works plug-and-play with Mac and PC, and is powered by its USB connection when working with a computer. You can also wall-power it when working with non-USB MIDI sound sources. The ControlPad is easy to mount on stands and racks using the E-Percussion Module Mount, sold separately. You can easily integrate it into virtually any drum set or percussion setup or set up and play with nothing more than the ControlPad! The ControlPad comes with EZDrummer Lite, a software drum module from Toontrack. EZDrummer Lite has samples of real drum kits. The ControlPad enables you to play virtually any MIDI software or hardware with sticks.