A.D. & Alesis D4 11-Pc. Electronic Drum Kit

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A.D. Electronic Drums were a limited run of electronic pads manufactured out of Myrtle Beach, SC in 1995. This kit features 11-pieces with 1/4" jacks on each pad. Each pad can be custom configured to any sound you would like. The pads mount off a doubled braced stand with arm attachments to mount each pad in the desired place. The pads are a rubber pad with great rebound and sensitivity. 

The A.D. pad system connects to an Alesis D4 drum module with pre-loaded sounds for just about any style and genre. The Alesis D4 drum module comes with a power adapter, 12 cable snake (1/4" jacks), and an A.D road case with removable doors front and back. The A.D. pad system also comes with a road case to neatly fit every piece you see and take it on the road. 

What's Included: 

  • A.D. D-8 Rok Blox 
  • A.D. D-3 Rok Blox 
  • Alesis D4 Brain 
  • Doubled Braced Stand with Arms
  • 12 Cable Snake
  • Module & Pad Cases 

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